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Facebook needs reauthorizing every 60 days

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Facebook needs reauthorizing every 60 days


Every 60 days an email will be sent to the email address of the user who created / last authorized Multichannel to be able to administer the Fb Page.


When this is required there will be no more posts received from / sent to this Facebook page by Multichannel.


The settings in Multichannel for Facebook will no longer show as being enabled nor will they have a valid access token for each of the pages that need re-authorizing;



Additionally the view status on the Account User ID will display the date / time that the access token expired as well as the date / time that the access token expires notification was sent.  The email address that is stored against the Created By user name (vickiadmin in this example) contains the email address where this reauthorization email has been sent.




The email that is received will appear as follows:




Click on the ‘re-authorize LiveOps Social’ link in the email and screen displays;



Using the Facebook Account email address and password log in to Facebook. 


Click on to the Go To App button

Click on the Allow button


Once Facebook has reauthorized the following window will appear which you can in turn close;



After the next polling interval the Facebook page(s) will once again be enabled and have a valid access token:



If you view the Account User ID details the display will show a new access token expiry date / time and there will no longer be any detail for the Access Token Expires Notification Sent:



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