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Facebook Posts not appearing on Account Owners Page

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Facebook Posts not appearing on Account Owners Page


Posts that are deemed by Facebook to potentially be spam are delivered to Multichannel for processing but the actual post (and any subsequent reply) is contained in a spam area within the Facebook Account.  Only the Admin person for the Facebook Page is able to locate these posts and they can optionally remove them from being regarded as spam.  


Within the Facebook Account itself any post currently on a public page can also have the status of the post changed so that it is considered spam.   Thus a post can be removed from the Facebook page and hidden from all except the Account admin person.


There does not appear to be a definitive list of reasons why a post may be treated as spam but 1 example of a post being treated as spam is where an account holder has no friends, these accounts can be suspicious and any posts they make can potentially be spammed automatically by Facebook.


This is beyond the control of Multichannel as we are only allowed to carry out administration on the Facebook Account page, not the associated admin sections for the account.


The posts that are treated as spam will be delivered to your Multichannel instance and you can successfully reply to them and you can click on the Facebook icon and view the inbound and outbound response but only the administrator on the page can access and view the posts in question.


Whenever there is an issue regarding, ‘Why can’t I see the post I added to ‘abc’ page? Then the following needs to be checked within Facebook itself:


  • Log in to the account on Facebook
  • Select the Facebook page that has had a missing post reported against it
  • Click on Manage, screen displays;




Select the activity log as displayed above, screen displays;



Click on the All drop down list as displayed above and select the Spam option, screen displays:


Any posts that have been treated as spam will be displayed here.  To change the spam setting click on the hidden from spam File:/C:\Users\LCOERT~1\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image008.jpgicon




Select the option ‘Unmark as Spam’


Once done the post will now appear where it is visible to all:





Should you wish to treat a post as spam – that is remove it from being visible to all then click on the remove icon for the post:



Once clicked the screen will display:



Select either the option = Report / Mark as Spam or the option = Hidden from Page.


The post will be removed from public view and will now appear back in the spam section of the activity log.

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