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Engage Report Errors

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Engage Report rrors


Time Outs


Ask user how many times they have submitted / experienced the time out.  Often users keep resubmitting the report after a time out and the report is still running in the background, thus they are compounding their own issue.


Another agent should log on to Multichannel using their own login and determine if they experience the same issue running report with the exact same parameters as those entered by the user.


If no then;


  • Has the issue been remedied for the agent also?
  • Is this user the only one experiencing the same problem – ask user to repeat exact same report parameters on another machine.  If applicable to a single user get the user to close down all IE sessions and to log only Multichannel back in again.  Is issue resolved?  If not then an engineer will need to run diagnostics on the users machine to determine where problem lies.
  • If applicable to multiple users then a network engineer will need to determine where the problem lies.


If yes then;

  • Confirm if the issue is applicable to only this particular report using these parameters (i.e does report run successfully if date range or channels reported on is reduced, if possible)
  • Confirm if the issue is applicable to only this particular report or multiple reports.
  • Log a support call with your reseller / support person.


Can’t see reports / can’t export report to selected format

Ensure that the user has the site set as a trusted site. In Tools à Internet Options à Security à Trusted Sites and click on ‘Secure Site’.  Enter the details of the website URL and add the site so it appears in the list of trusted web sites


Ensure that pop-ups aren’t blocked for this site


Check the following security settings are enabled.  In Tools à Internet options à Security à Trusted Sites click on Custom Level.  The following security settings should all be enabled.


Under Miscellaneous:

 In Internet Explorer 8


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