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Email Messages not coming in

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Email Messages not coming in to / out of Multichannel

Test sending an email message out of / in to Multichannel using an email address that you can verify the successful receipt / sending on.  The email should be sent to / from the client termination email address.

If your message is successfully sent from/to Multichannel then details of which message hasn’t been received / hasn’t sent needs to be investigated.


If not then email message tracking prior to / post Multichannel needs to be actioned to determine where the issue lies. Please contact LiveOps support. 


If the email has been generated in Multichannel then check that it is at a status of ‘OutboundSent’.  Locate the message in the message console.  If there is no message delivery receipt / failure displayed then double click on the message;



If the message shows as orange text then it is either a draft message or a message that has been scheduled to be delivered in the future.  The user can see their draft and scheduled messages in the Dashboard  by double clicking on the user who created the message.

If the message shows as a bounce state then the email could not be delivered to the recipient email address.

If the message just does not appear then user must create and send.

If OutboundSending then the email has been created in Multichannel but has not been successfully sent and you should refer to your reseller / support person.


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