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Capturing Engage Logs

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How to Capture Engage Logs (see attached pdf)

When an unexpected incident occurs, such as a call that drops, or an agent being paused without the softphone appearing, please follow these steps:

  1. Use the Alt and PrtSc keys to create a screenshot, and paste this into an email (Control-V) .
  2. Click on the About link at the upper right of the screen. This will bring up a window with two tabs – Logs and Voice Logs.
  3. Select (Control A) and copy (Control C) the contents of the Log tab. Paste Control V) the contents into a Notebook text file.
  4. Click on the Voice Log tab.
  5. Select and copy the contents of the Voice Log tab, and paste the contents into a Notebook text file.
  6. Attach the text files to the email, and send to your IT support contact, who will then open a case with LiveOps.
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