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Broadcasts not Sending

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Broadcasts not Sending


 User reports that a broadcast is sitting as pending after they have confirmed that the broadcast be sent.


  • ·           Confirm with the user how long ago they confirmed the broadcast.  Sometimes the broadcast service can have a delay of 5 minutes (depending on polling intervals -  last polled / next polling times).
  • ·           Check that the broadcast itself is in fact running.  Under the options column of the broadcast the  icon should display.  If the user had accidentally paused the broadcast then the pause  icon would display. 
  • ·           Sending Options on broadcast itself could be at issue:

  • ·           The sending options may be such that the broadcast is timed to start later than the current date /time.  Check the start date and time is not a date into the future.   If it is then the user should pause the broadcast and change the start date and time and commence sending again.
  • ·           Check the current day and time is applicable to the send days and hours in which the broadcast is set up to send on.  If not then the user should pause the broadcast and change the send on days and between x & y hours to match the date and time currently.  Note that the days and times to send on are configured in Admin à settings à broadcast settings.  If the day/ time now is outside of these settings then the user will not be able to set the broadcast to run immediately.  Rather they can set it to run at the earliest day / time that the broadcast setting allows.
  • ·           The start date is based on the customer time zone rather than the site time zone.   If the ‘customer time zone’ is checked for this broadcast then confirm with the agent that this is correct and perhaps is the issue because the customers all reside in a time zone where the start time has not been reached yet.


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