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Twitter Accounts Tab

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Twitter – Twitter Accounts Tab


Steps to configure Twitter on your Multichannel site are detailed below.  Please note a prerequisite of this is that a twitter account is already set up for the customer.


In Admin – Settings – click on the Twitter icon   screen displays;



If any Twitter accounts are already configured for your site the default twitter account virtual queue will display here.  Clicking on the drop down list will allow you to select a new default virtual queue.  Note to super users - you do not have to create the virtual queue in Admin – Virtual Queues.  Once the twitter account is validated the virtual queue is automatically created.


It is possible to receive the twitter messages for multiple twitter accounts in to your instance of Multichannel


Click on Twitter Accounts tab, screen displays;



Any existing Twitter Accounts that have been set up in Multichannel will display;


  • Account Name
  • This is your Twitter Account Name
  • Twitter UserID
  • This is the ID as associated with your Twitter Account
  • Created
  • This is the date / time that this account was created in Multichannel
  • Last Polled
  • This is the date / time that we last polled Twitter for any outbound / inbound tweets, mentions, searches, hashtags, direct messages or any new followers
  • Enabled
  • Ticked if this account is enabled (we are capturing twitter interactions for this account), disabled if not
  • Edit
  • Click edit to edit the existing Twitter Account details


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