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Licence Settings Tab

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  1. Licence Settings Tab

Once you have selected the ‘Licence Settings’ tab, the following screen for review will appear. 


Note:  as an Admin user you will be able to edit the licence key information.  Licence keys may be sent to you for updating on your site.  If a licence key is changed inadvertently resulting in the licence key details being incorrect this will result in your site not being operational and a new licence key will need to be reissued and reapplied to your site.




  • Licensed To:
  • Refers to the site name.
  • Edition:
  • Refers to whether the site is an Enterprise or Lite edition of the software.
  • Enterprise editions receive SLA’s in terms of after-hours support .
  • Lite editions receive standard business hours support via the support portal.
  • Version
  • Refers to the Multichannel software version of the site you are reviewing. 
  • Expires:
  • Refers to the expiry date of the current license agreement with your reseller / supplier.
  • License Model
  • Refers to the type of license mode in place for the site – Number of Concurrent or Named Users.
  • Licensed Users
  • Numbers of licenses available for use per the above License Model.
  • API License
  • Determines the level of API license available:  These are:
  • Full:      Enables full access to objects in Multichannel.
  • Basic:   Enables users the ability to auto update or add, via the API, customer information.
  • License Key
  • The license key for the API.
  • Concurrent Stats (by Channel)
  • This is for external use for each deployment PS (or an authorised partner) will enter this info to assist finance in monthly report generation for seat count / expiry date details.  The detail from this field is stored in the MC database in the SystemsSettings table (for reporting purposes).
  • Expiry Date
  • As per the concurrent stats detail this is a finance requirement.
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