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Channel Settings Tab

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  1. Channel Settings Tab




Standard service level rules across all channels


There are standard service level rules that are specified for each available channel that you have access to.


To change these settings, change the details as required and click on the ‘Update’ button.


  • Channel Priority
  • Indicate between the channels being utilized the priority for each.  1 being high (delivered first), 100 being low (delivered last).  Applicable to Enterprise edition only. Lite Edition users can leave as the default values.
  • Grade of service Target
  • What is the required GOS % to achieve?  I.e. in the above example 75% of messages must be processed within 5 minutes to achieve a 100% GOS. Applicable to Enterprise edition only.
  • GOS Interval (hh:mm:ss)
  • What is the amount of time that may elapse before the GOS threshold is exceeded. Applicable to Enterprise edition only.
  • Wait Time Warning Interval
  • Indicates the maximum time allowed for a message received into this channel before the wait time on the ticker appears in red.  This information appears in the ticker under the ‘Wait’ details.  Is entered as hh:mm:ss
  • Max Concurrent Per user
  • Determines the total maximum number of messages that a user can process from the Message Manager per channel.  These are the site wide default settings. Individual users can be assigned different values if required.  The maximum value that can be entered per channel is aligned to the value in Admin – Settings – General Settings – Maximum Concurrent Messages
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