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Facebook Message Console

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Message Console


Facebook Channel Features


Customer Details – Message Console


With the Facebook channel enabled there can be a new customer console display within the Message Manager




The change from the standard customer console display is that the Fax Number field is no longer displayed and both Twitter ID and Facebook account details have been added.


  • Facebook
  • For each Facebook post we receive the message is either assigned to an existing customer record or a new customer record created based on the Facebook ID of the person making the post. 
  • We Follow
  • This is a display only from your Twitter Account of those Twitter Users that you are following on Twitter.
  • Follows Us
  • This is a display only from your Twitter Account of those Twitter Users that are following you on Twitter.
  • Facebook Icon  (as highlighted above)
  • Clicking on this icon will connect to Facebook and display the applicable Facebook Customers account page
  • Facebook Icon  (as highlighted above)
  • Clicking on this icon will allow you to send a Facebook message to any page that you are administering from your multichannel site.  Should you click on this link and the outbound editor does not load then you are not authorised to administer the Facebook page associated with this customer record.



Customer Console


The default channel drop down list will include Facebook if the Facebook channel is enabled on your site.





Contacts can now be added for Facebook customers, regardless of whether the Facebook Channel is enabled on your site or not.



Clicking on the Facebook icon  on this display will launch the Facebook page if the account is one that is being tracked within multichannel.  That is the Multichannel is authorised to administer any ‘created page’ in Facebook.


Facebook Outbound Messages


New Outbound Facebook messages can only be created against the customer record(s) that represents the page(s) that the Multichannel instance is able to manage.



There are two sending options:


  • Status – This is the default Send As type. It allows you to send a normal text post to Facebook.
  • Link – This allows you to send a valid URL post to Facebook. It must be a valid URL and no text is allowed.  You do not have to add the http:// to the message text as it will be added automatically when posted to Facebook


When a ‘link’ send as option is selected and the text entered is not a valid URL the following error will appear and your post will not be successful;



When a message is successfully delivered to Facebook, a green dot will appear in the message history for the appropriate message.



If the customer who administers a page within Facebook itself actually writes something on their wall via Facebook the resulting post will still be imported into Multichannel. 


The resulting message will display in the message console as an outbound message. Unlike a post initiated via Multichannel, there will be no green dot for this message in the message history, as the message was never delivered by Multichannel.



Facebook Inbound Messages



You can reply to any inbound message, which will add a comment to the Facebook post.  Click on the outbound  Facebook message  and the screen will display the outbound message editor for you to enter your post;


Facebook does not carry a restrictive limit to its posts in the same manner as a SMS or Twitter message does but the character count is displayed none the less.  The number of characters that can be entered in a single Facebook post does however have a limit, in excess of 36 thousand.


After sending the reply, the inbound message will be displayed. You can now see the reply added to the Facebook trail:



Viewing a Facebook Message


All comments on a Post will be linked together. It will not matter who or where the original post was started (either Facebook or Multichannel.)


The comments that are displayed could have been made by multiple Facebook users.



Options from viewing a Facebook message:


  • Click on Customer Name will take you to the Adhoc tab with the customer selected.
  • Click on Comment to add another comment to the Facebook trail.
  • Click on Like icon  to like this comment. It will connect with Facebook to immediately update the Like count. And this information will be displayed to the user .
  • Click on an individual post/comment. The selected post/comment will be opened in the Adhoc tab, with the selected message open.  If the message is already open, you will be taken to the appropriate tab. If the message is already assigned to another user, you will be informed of this. If the message is unassigned, all unassigned message rules will apply (maximum number of concurrent message currently open, user rights, skills).




A reply can be applied to both outbound and inbound messages.  Click on the ‘comment’ link and a new outbound message area will be available to the agent.  This is useful when we may have missed an important piece of information from a previous post.





A Facebook user is able to like (or unlike) any post, comment, or link on the page (or pages) that Multichannel is allowed to monitor.


In Multichannel you can only like a post or comment, or link on the page (or pages) that we are monitoring.  You cannot unlike a post, comment, or link.


Likes and unlikes are updated to Multichannel based on the Background Polling Interval, as set in the Core Config Settings.




A post/comment/link can only be deleted on Facebook by the user that created the post.

A post/comment/link can only be hidden on Facebook by the user responsible for the Facebook page.


When a post is deleted in Facebook this is updated to Multichannel based on Background Polling Interval.

When a post is hidden in Facebook this will not be updated to Multichannel.


A deleted post/comment/link cannot be liked or commented on within Multichannel (the links are disabled)


Opening an inbound Facebook message that has already been deleted will not display an outbound Facebook option and the post(s) that have been deleted will be displayed;



Please note that as the background polling interval has a minimum of 3600 seconds (1hr), a deleted post/comment/link can be replied to or liked by a Multichannel agent before the delete is updated to Multichannel. The reply will not be delivered; there will be a red dot on message history signifying an error occurred.




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