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Email Channel

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  1. Email Channel



As well as the standard service level rules, the email channel has other configurable settings:



  • Do net send more than x auto responses in a x minute time interval
  • Enter the maximum number of auto response messages that is reasonable within a specific time interval. This ensures that spam messages do not bounce emails back and forth into your site and fill up the queue.
  • Automatically save outbound emails every x seconds
  • Every x seconds for auto save – or select ‘=0 to disable the auto save function. 
  • Default Email Address
  • Enter the default email address for the site – on manual outbound emails this address will be the default.
  • Default Inbound Category
  • If the Platform Integration Enabled option under Admin > Core Config Console is enabled, select the default category that must be added to enable API integration for the channel.
  • This option is not available if the Platform Integration Enabled option is not selected.
  • For more information, see the section Platform Settings in the Multichannel Super User Manual.


Direct Traffic to Site Email address


All client email addresses are then redirected to this site address so that sender addresses are preserved for the CRM history.  Forwarding addresses to the site email addresses will result in sender details being lost.


Once the email address is redirected to the new Multichannel site, the site must be setup so outbound messages can be sent from this address (See below).


Add Sender Email


The Sender email address is used to identify recognised email addresses for the site. Where an address is not recognised it may not be delivered to the site.



Where outbound emails are sent the outbound channel needs to be setup, including the automatic signature to be added at the bottom of every email.  Email signatures are added in the Sender Email set up.


To add a new sender email address, simply click on the ‘Add Sender Email’ button.




  • Address
  • Enter the sender email address
  • Signature
  • Enter or paste in the email auto signature to be used when sending emails from this sender address.


Sender emails addresses can be edited  or deleted by clicking on the image beside the individual address. To add a new email address click on ‘Add Sender Email’.




Add Blocked Email




Adding email addresses to this section will prevent auto responses from being sent to email addresses specified in this section.  Messages will still be delivered to the queue.

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