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Engage Handler Reports

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Handler Reports


  1. Keyword By Channel

This reports the total number of times a key word has been applied for each of the channels configured for your site



  • Keyword
  •  The applicable keyword
  • Channel
  • The count per enabled channel where the keyword was applied (used) on an inbound message


  1. Message By Keyword

This reports the individual messages for the keyword selected.


  • Keyword
  • Report will only match on the whole keyword (i.e. if the keyword is ‘Specials’, you cannot enter partial keywords e.g. ‘Spec’)
  • Run Keyword by Channel first to see what keywords have been used in the selected date range
  • Message
  • Click on the  icon to view the details of the message in a separate window
  • Received
  • The date / time stamp that the message was received in to the application.
  • Message Type
  • The type of message received (i.e. the type of channel the message was received in on)
  • Sender
  • The details of the sender of this message
  • Receiver
  • The individual receiver details for the channel – i.e. the email address sent in to
  • Customer Ref1
  • The Customer Ref1 details from the customer record applicable to this message
  • Customer Ref2
  • The Customer Ref2 details from the customer record applicable to this message
  • Message
  • Links to the message within the message console, note you will need to re-run report when you have clicked on this link


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