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Search Panel

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The search panel contains search controls, enabling you to locate customer records based on any stored contact information. The search panel appears in two places: in the New Tab (displayed by clicking the + (add tab) button), as shown in Figure 5-1:



Figure 5-1: New Tab Search


...and in the side panel, as shown in Figure 5-2. (The side panel is a pop out control which gives you quick access to three key features of Engage: search, the work queue and the my tasks list.)



Figure 5-2: Side Panel Search Tab


Using the Search Panel

  • To display the Search panel:
    • Display the New Tab by clicking the + (add tab) button
    • or click the Search button


  • Enter your search term in the search field, then press Enter or click the Search icon.
    • Your results will appear in the side panel search tab.

  • To pin the Search panel in place, click the Pin button.
    • By default, the side panel floats over the main desktop content area. When the side panel is pinned, both the side panel content and the main desktop content appear side by side.

  • To see more details about a customer, hover your mouse on the search results. (See below for more information on the search results details.)
  • To begin processing a message, click anywhere on the message display. The customer record to which this message belongs will appear in a new tab. If more than one customer shares this message's contact information, you may have to select the correct record.
  • To close the Search panel, click the Close (X) button.

Fields, Buttons and Menus

The search panel contains the following controls:


Table 5-1: Search panel Controls



Search field

Searches for a record in your customer database. You can search on any stored information in the record: name, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts. You can search for whole or partial entries. For example, search for vinc will find both Vince and Vincent.

The search controls in the home view and in the side panel are identical.

Search icon

 Executes your search.

Include inactive contacts in search resultscheckbox

Includes contacts whose status is set to inactive in your search results.

Search results list

Contains the results of your search. Mouse over a result to see more details about this customer. Click the result to display the full customer record.

Search results details

A pop out window showing more details of the record matching your search. Click the result to display the full customer record.

The search results include:

  • The customer's name or unique reference ID.
  • The customer status (active or inactive).
  • The customer's contact information.
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