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About Engage

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About Engage


Engage provides the social contact center agent with a rich toolset and an intuitive user interface designed to facilitate a superior customer experience. Engage delivers all your contact center's communication channels: voice, social, chat and email, in a unified and consistent framework.


Engage represents the next generation in agent desktops, merging and improving upon the phone panel and messaging panel. Users who are familiar with either or both of those will find their knowledge will easily transfer to Engage.


Figure 0-1: Engage Components



Engage is an integrated platform supporting voice, text and social channels, with the ability to freely "pivot" between channels.


Voice Channel Features

 The Engage voice channel feature set includes:


  • Inbound calls routed through provisioned numbers.
  • Outbound calling using the automated dialer.
  • Agent-initiated dialout calls.
  • Standard telephone features such as transfer, conference, hold, and speed dial.
  • Support for standard Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) telephones or Voice Over IP (VoIP) using your computer microphone and speakers.


Text Channel Features

 The Engage text channels support, email, SMS and web chat.


  • The Email Editor lets agents accept inbound emails and initiate outbound messages.
  • The SMS Editor lets agents accept inbound SMS messages and initiate outbound messages.
  • The Web Chat Editor lets agents accept and respond to web chat requests.

Social Channel Features

 The Engage social channels enable agents to support and interact with customers using social media.


  • The Twitter editor lets agents accept inbound tweets and initiate outbound tweets.
  • The Facebook editor lets agents accept inbound Facebook messages and initiate outbound messages.


Customer Record Management Features

Engage includes the Customer Panel with complete contact information, notes and message history. Administrators can now add custom fields to the CRM panel. The integrated Search Panel lets agents quickly locate customer records.


Task Management Features

 Agents manage their work using the Work Queue and My Tasks panel panels. Agents can accept work manually or be automatically assigned new tasks as they arrive. The Agent Live Dashboard gives agents visibility into the current message queue status, wait times and Grade of Service (GoS) levels.


Message Management Features

 The Message History Panel keeps a complete record of all interactions with each of your customers. Each channel has a dedicated editor specific to that channel. Messages can be assigned to categories, escalated for priority handling, submitted for quality review. You can "like" Facebook messages, retweet Twitter messages, and more...

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