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Upload Business Rules

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  1. Upload Business Rules

When uploading data, updates are dependent on a match occurring within the CustomerRef (as stated above). If a match does occur then the following rules apply:


  • If a column contains blank field information it will not overwrite existing customer data unless the “Update customer details with blank field information” checkbox is selected.  (Ticked).
    1. Please note that blank information updates only apply to extended customer information and not primary channel data.



  • Data in the upload file must pass any field validation rules set up on your site.   For example; standard regular expression rules monitor the incoming mobile phone number and email field formats.



  • All channel1 fields are deemed to be a customer’s primary contact for that channel. For example- importing into Mobile1 or EmailAddress1 will ensure the imported details become the primary Mobile Number and Email Address for that customer record.
  • If there is no primary contact available for a customer then the next lowest number contact is promoted to be become the primary contact.
  • We can change any of the channel contact details to be contactable or uncontactable during the import. To do this we must include the column for the channel and the related number (i.e. Mobile1, Mobile2, Mobile3, Mobile4 or Mobile5) and an additional column to determine if the Mobile Number is to be made contactable or uncontactable (MobileContactable1) – the entry in this field is a 1 – contactable, or a 0 – uncontactable. Please note however that in terms of Twitter Accounts there is TwitterAccountName1 only and there is no facility to make a Twitter Account Name uncontactable via a customer import.
    1. For example if Mobile2 is currently contactable and you want to upload the customer details and set Mobile2 to uncontactable then the columns Mobile2 and MobileContactable2 must both be in the csv file. (Email addresses start with EmailAddress1, EmailAddress2, EmailAddress3, EmailAddress4, and EmailAddress5).  See example below for Mobile2;



  • The upload file can contain a maximum of 5 contacts per channel per customer.  That is, 5 mobile numbers, 5 email addresses, 5 fax numbers, 5 Twitter Account Names.
  • If communication types are enabled for your site then these may also be imported.  The format is Mobile1CommunicationType, ditto Mobile2-5,  Email1CommunicationType,  ditto Email2-5, Fax1CommunicationType, ditto Fax2-5, HomePhone1CommunicationType, ditto HomePhone2-5, BusPhone1CommunicationType,  ditto BusPhone2-5.
  • Upload file column names for generic data fields can be either the ‘Map To’ name or the ‘Field’ name and will be uploaded even if the field is disabled. e.g. Company or ShortField01.


Example using ShortFields



Example using label assigned to ShortFields



A single customer may not have duplicate contacts for the same channel in the upload file.



In regards to importing phone numbers these must have international formatting applied to them, either in the upload file or they can be configured to have the prefix applied during the import process


Uploading a file will create new customer details for any customers who do not already exist in the database and updates any changed details of any record which already exists based on the criteria entered.


‘Update Customer Details with blank field information’ when ticked  :  any column that exists in the upload file that is blank will over write the existing customer record in Multichannel with blank information.  If a field is not in the csv file then there will be no impact on the existing customer record within Multichannel.  Please note the following are the only columns within Multichannel that the blank overwrite applies;

  • Customer.CustomerRef1 
  • Customer.CustomerRef2
  • Customer.FirstName
  • Customer.LastName
  • Customer.Address1 
  • Customer.Address2
  • Customer.Address3
  • Customer.City
  • Customer.State 
  • Customer.Country
  • Customer.PostCode
  • Customer.PreferredChannel
  • Customer.TimeZoneInfoID
  • all GenericCustomerData fields



‘Update Customer Details with blank field information’ when un-ticked  : any column that exists in the upload file that is blank will not over write the customer record in Multichannel with blank information, the detail in the existing record will remain unchanged.  If a field is not in the csv file then there will be no impact on the existing customer record within Multichannel.


In the Import Customers tab, click on browse and select the .csv file that you would like to upload. 


Then click on ‘Upload’




To upload successfully, the .CSV file needs be in a specific format, based on field names.  This should have the following columns – note the order that columns appear in is not important;

  • CustomerRef1
  • CustomerRef2
    At least one Channel detail 
  • EmailAddress1(2,3,4,5) : leave this blank for SMS  or fax messages
  • Mobile1(2,3,4,5): these always start with the country code e.g. 64 (NZ) or 61(AU). Leave blank for email or fax messages.
  • Fax1(2,3,4,5): these always start with the country code if outside New Zealand e.g. 61(AU). Leave this blank for SMS  or email messages
  • TwitterAccountName1


When sending, the broadcast will use either the primary channel detail for the customer or the communication type applicable to the broadcast.


Where the customer is Inactive no message will be sent regardless of whether individual channel details are contactable.


This file may also contain any of the following update information:

  • Status: to make a customer record active insert a 1 in this column, to make a column inactive insert a 0.
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Customer Detail Fields: the field name in the column needs to match the field name displayed in the Customer Detail field you wish to update. These fields may contain spaces but may not include commas.
  • HomePhone1(2,3,4,5) – see example below; 
  • BusPhone1(2,3,4,5) - see example below; 

  • ChannelContactable1(2,3, 4,5): Contactable fields specify whether the matching channel detail supplied is available for outbound use i.e. this is an opt out facility.   Note – if you are changing a contact e.g. HomePhone1 from Contactable to Uncontactable then you must also include the related contact detail in the file.  E.g. the Mobile1 field or EmailAddress1 – see example below.




  • Specifying MobileContactable1(2,3,4,5), EmailContactable1(2,3,4,5) or FaxContactable1(2,3,4,5) as 0 in the upload file designates this number as opted out or not contactable. A value of 1 makes the channel detail contactable.
  • MobileCarrierCode1(2,3,4,5):  These fields are required when carrier information is needed to send messages e.g. Australia PSMS and US/ CANADA. Where an inbound message has been received from the handset this information is tracked automatically so does not need to be uploaded.
  • Time Zone: Format is the Standard Time description given to each time zone (e.g. Greenwich Standard Time, New Zealand Standard Time, Central Standard Time).  Column header ID = TimeZoneInfoID.  Refer to Super User Manual for full list of Time Zones.
  • Date Time fields can be used in customer import uploads. Valid date time formats are as follows;
    • 23/10/2009 9:00 pm
    • 13-10-2009 21:00
    • 2006-06-12
    • 09-10-2007
    • 2006.06.12 12:00
    • 15.09.2007 23:00
    • If the date is invalid – the whole row will fail to import.
  • CommunicationTypes: When enabled for your site then each of the applicable contacts (Mobile1-5, Email1-5, Fax1-5, HomePhone1-5, BusPhone1-5 can have the applicable communication type assigned to the record.  The communication types themselves are site definable – for user manual purposes we use 2 only e.g. marketing and official.  A contact can have a single communication type or multiple communication types assigned to it (each type is separated with a semi colon, e.g. marketing;official will assign both communication types to the one contact record in the import file, see example below).  Communication Types are assigned to individual contacts thus if you are changing / adding a communication type for e.g. EmailAddress1 then EmailAddress1 and Email1CommunicationType must both be in the import file, see example below.




To import the file, enter the Broadcast Group, click on the ‘Browse’ button and locate the file required.




Click on the ‘Upload’ button to initiate the import to Multichannel.


The file will then upload, identifying any issues as it goes along.   Refresh the page to get an update on progress.


Error messages: - error messages result in the customer / member NOT being imported to the Broadcast group.



Upload errors and warnings (i.e. where a record has not been added or the system has uploaded a record but highlights a potential issue) will display at the bottom of the screen with an error/warning message identifying what has happened. 


  • Column name is invalid Parameter name: ‘the incorrect column name will be displayed’ – note, this will prevent any data from being imported – see correct column headers above. 
  • Unable to Import, duplicate unique ID in file – this will prevent a specific record(s) from being imported.  For example; if your site is CustomerRef1 matching you will see by searching on the errored record that you have another row with the same CustomerRef1.  Note – neither of the records will be updated.
  • Unable to Import, mandatory field is blank.  This indicates that there is information missing from your file – a CustomerRef1 and / or CustomerRef2, or contact information e.g. Mobile Phone Number.
  • Unable to Import, customer has duplicate contact details: ‘CustomerRef1 or CustomerRef1/CustomerRef2 is a duplicate with another record in the file’.
  • Unable to Import, Customer has no primary channel. File is missing primary contact information.
  • Unable to Import, Customer has no channel data (missing at least one of Mobile, Email or Fax)
  • Duplicate primary channel records contained in the upload file.  The same e.g. mobile number is allocated to multiple records in the file.
  • Customer contact value not valid Parameter name – if this is an issue with the mobile number in the import file appearing as for example 6.42102E11 then you need to format the Mobile1 (2,3,4,5) field(s) so the values are numbers to 0 decimal places and then resave the csv file.  Each time you reopen and save a csv file the formatting is not remembered from the previous save.



Warning messages – warning messages will import the data.  The list of warning messages will not display by default.  Click on



  • A customer already exists with these contact details


If you still wish to upload these records, you need to resolve the errors and upload these again in a new .CSV file (or clear the group and start again). A count is included to verify that the correct number of records has been uploaded.  Clicking on this will display details of customers in the group.  The field = Source Item No if populated will be the applicable row number from your csv file that is in error / has resulted in a warning.


When the upload has completed and is successful the display will be




Click on the ‘Close’  button.


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