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Populate Customer Group

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  1. Populate Customer Group


The ‘Populate Customer Group’ tab   allows you to add existing customers to a customer group by importing a file of valid customers.  Click on the populate customer group tab


Uploading a file will not create new customer details for any customers who do not already exist in the database and due to the restriction of the columns allowed in the file it can not be used to update any customer details in the database either.  If new customers / updates to existing customers are required them the ‘import customers’ tab should be used.


The file being imported must be a .csv file and restrictions exist based on the settings for your site.


Your site is CustomerRef1 and CustomerRef2 matching this should have the following columns;



In the ‘Populate Customer Group’ tab, click on browse and select the .csv file that you would like to upload. 


Then click on ‘Upload’


To import the file, enter the Broadcast Group, click on the ‘Browse’ button and locate the file required.




Click on the ‘Upload’ button to initiate the import to Multichannel.


The file will then upload, identifying any issues as it goes along.   Refresh the page to get an update on progress.


Error messages: - error messages result in the customer / member NOT being imported to the Customer group.



Upload errors and warnings (i.e. where a record has not been added to the customer group or the system has uploaded a record but highlights a potential issue) will display at the bottom of the screen with an error/warning message identifying what has happened. 


  • Column name is invalid Parameter name: ‘the incorrect column name will be displayed’
  • Invalid number of column headers
  • Unable to add Customer to group. Customer does not exist.


Warning messages – warning messages will import the data.  The list of warning messages will not display by default.  Click on ‘Include Warnings’



If you still wish to upload these records, you need to resolve the errors and upload these again in a new .CSV file (or clear the group and start again). A count is included to verify that the correct number of records has been uploaded.  Clicking on this will display details of customers in the group.  The field = Source Item No if populated will be the applicable row number from your csv file that is in error / has resulted in a warning.


When the upload has completed and is successful the display will show:



Click on the ‘Close’  button.





It is always a good idea to send a test message before sending a bulk message to ensure this is received as intended.

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