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Time of Day Rules

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  1. Time of Day Rules

Auto Response messages can be automatically set to acknowledge the receipt of a contact in a particular queue, at a given time, with a preset response. Examples of this are an acknowledgement of message receipt and often include service level statements. 


Note – the rules by time are determined by the time zone applicable to the site, thus you will have to take the time locally and calculate the offset time to that of where the site resides should they be different.  Example site is configured for Eastern Standard Time but there are agents in both New York and London. Office hours for both branches are 9am to 5 pm.   Any queue for the New York office will have hours of 9am to 5pm whereas for London this will be 5am to 1pm / 4am to noon. The different time spans are because you will need to make changes to these when EST moves in to / out of Daylight Savings (summer) time as this occurs at a different time to that of GMT so accordingly the offset times will alter. 


To do this, click on Time of Day Rules in the Admin Console and select the channel you wish to view  or change; either SMS, Fax, Chat or Email.


To locate the Time of Day Rules page go to Administration à Time of Day Rules



Once selected, the following screen appears:



  • Rule Priority
  • The lower the rule priority number, the greater the importance of the rule.  For example, 0 is the highest rule priority in the screen shot above, 100 is the lowest.
  • When assigning a rule priority you must be aware that the rule applied will be the first that any code finds in priority sequence.  When you have multiple chat queues then it is recommended that each queue has its own set of time of day rules.  But should you wish to take account of the ‘ALL’ queues rule please make sure that the rule applicable to ‘ALL queues is assigned a large number (1000), larger than any other individual chat queue priority.
  • Name
  • The Time of Day rule name
  • Description
  • The Time of Day rule description
  • Enabled
  • If this is selected it indicates the rule is currently applicable to the inbound messages.
  • Edit
  • Click on the edit button to make modifications to any of the settings.
  • Delete
  • Click on the delete button to delete existing rules. 


New time of day rules can be added by clicking on the ‘Add Time of Day Rule’ button at the bottom of the page and then completing details in the resulting screen.  These include:



  • Name
  • Insert the name for the time of day rule. 
  • Rule Priority
  • Insert the rule priority.
  • Description
  • Insert the description for the time of day rule. 
  • Enabled
  • Check the enabled tick box if this rule is to be put into use immediately.
  • Template
  • Select from the drop down list, the template that is to be used for rule matches.
  • Category
  • Insert the category to assign to messages that successfully match this rule, if applicable.  (note; you may wish the category to be manually assigned, or it may have already been assigned via the keywords).
  • Output State
  • Select the output state for messages matching this rule.  You may choose from
  • Skills Assignment Router
  • Message Closed
  • Agent Router


Click on ‘Save’ to save the rule. Selecting ‘Close’ will return you to the ‘Time of Day Rules’ summary page without saving the changes. 


To delete an auto response time, click on the ‘Delete’ button, then confirm you wish to delete the template or select cancel to retain the template.


Once you have clicked on the ‘Save’ button click on the ‘Times’ tab to allocate the times and days that this rule applies.

  1. Time of Day Rules – Setting Times


Once we have set up the base time of day rules, we need to assign the days and times that are to be allocated to activate this rule.

Because of rule priority settings the rule that will be applied will be that of the first match that the software finds that is applicable to the current time.  It is not critical that time of day rule times don’t overlap but we do recommend that when you create office and out of office hours that you cover but don’t overlap every 24 hour period.




  • Select Weekday
  • Select the day of the week to allocate the rule to.
  • Start Time
  • Select the Start Time for the rule application.
  • Finish Time
  • Select the Finish Time for the rule application.
  • Add
  • Click on the ‘Add’ button to add these rule criteria.



When an out of office hours auto response is required for contacts received (for example after 5pm today and before 8am on the following day) you will need to set up 2 auto responses – one from 17:01 to 23:59 and the other from 00:00 to 07:59.

  1. Time of Day Rules – Selecting Queues


Once we have set up both the Time of Day Rule, the days and times that apply to it, we need also to indicate to the system what channels, and within each channel, what queue the rule is to be allocated to.


Select the appropriate channel from the Channel –Select Channel – list (see below)



When you select a specific channel e.g. SMS – the ‘queue’ box on the right hand side becomes available for you to choose a specific queue



Once selected, click on the ‘Add’ button to include this queue in the Time of Day Rules.  You may quickly add all queues to the channel by selecting the Queue – All.

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