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Thought of the day

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  1. Thought of the day

To locate the Thought of the day page go to Administration à Thought of the day



Update your Multichannel users with information by adding messages to your Ticker. This can be;


  • Motivational e.g. sayings, birthday or reward messages
  • Event alerts/reminders e.g. of product releases or feature products to sell.


To use this feature, select ‘Thought of the Day’ from the main Admin Console Page.



You can use existing thoughts by clicking on the select icon.  Delete them by selecting the delete icon , or Edit an Existing thought using the edit icon .


To add a new message, click on the ‘Add Thought of the Day’ button, update the text and click on ‘Save’ or ‘Close’ to exit without saving. Once saved, select your thought of the day by clicking on the select icon to make this active.



The date format is either mm/dd/yyyy if in Tools – Internet Options – languages your preference is set to = English (United States) [en-us].  For any other language preference the format is dd/mm/yyyy.


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