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Case Status

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  1. Case Status


NB/ The incident modules are not features offered in this release – please ignore all case settings documentation.

Will display if the site has the Incident Module Enabled (core config feature) and in admin – settings – general settings case mode is Enabled.


The Case module enables the tracking of services where there may be multiple 2 way interaction between the customer and the contact centre team member(s) that requires service level agreement notifications and alerts to the person assigned to each specific case and applicable management within your organisation.  All of which can be contained within a single ‘case’ environment.


If you think your business has a need for this type of case tracking and wishes to learn more about this module please contact your local support / reseller contact as the module is highly configurable and can be matched to suit varied business needs. 



Because of the flexibility of the configuration of this module there are no standard user guide details, each customer is supplied training material based on how they will be using the module.

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