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Adding a SMS Template

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  1. Adding a SMS Template


Click on the SMS tab and enter the details of the wording for the template. 



  • Enabled
  • Check the enabled tick box if this template is to be put into use immediately.
  • Characters:
  • When you enter the text for your SMS broadcast the characters will count up from 0.  When the site setting for the maximum number of characters is reached the error, ‘message is too long and will be truncated’ will appear in red but you will be able to continue entering more text.
  • MT Messages (MT – Mobile Terminating – message sent to handset)
  • When the max number of characters for the GSM character set is reached (160) then the MT Messages will increment by 1.  This increment will be every 70 characters if UCS2/UTF-16 (Double byte) is in use.  All standard English messages use GSM characters, while pictorial messages e.g. Chinese use Double Byte messages.
  • Encoding
  • We support GSM Character Set encoding or UCS2/UTF-16 (Double byte)
  • Template Text
  • This is the message that is sent out automatically based on the template rules specified. Template Field names allow data to be automatically inserted from the customer’s details where the channel address/ number only match one customer.
  • Template Text: content can be formatted and managed in the following way.
  • Spell checker
  • Cut, Copy or Paste
  • Undo or Redo
  • Remove formatting


Once completed, click on the ‘Save’ button.

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