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How to Enable the Chrome Browser Console Log


Google Chrome provides a log mechanism to help troubleshoot unexpected behavior in web sites and web applications. The Browser Console Log can be activated during or prior to the start of your web application session to help track activities and potentially identify issues that may causing problematic behavior.



To enable the Browser Console:

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Press the CTRLSHIFT-J keys in Windows (or Command+Option+J  for Mac) on your keyboard
    • Pressing F12 will also launch the Developer Mode Tool in Windows
  • An embedded window will appear at the bottom of the browser page.

01 Browser Console Launch screenshot_37.png

  1. To detach the embedded window or place the window in another area, from your browser tab, click on the Menu icon and choose the dock method you prefer.
  2. The “Console” tab should be displayed by default using the key sequence noted above
  3. Begin using your web application as normal and the Console log will capture the activities in the log area.
  4. We recommend leaving the filter settings to Default. 
    1. 02 Filter Default screenshot_38.png
    2. The log will capture any activities that meet the filter settings. Once you have accumulated enough log information up to and including the issue you are troubleshooting, right-click in the log area and choose “Save As…” to export the contents of the log so that you can send the info to the interested party.


Here is an example of a screenshot of the Browser console showing a warning and an error. In this case, I intentionally switched my internet connection to Wifi while I had the CxEngage Toolbar running.

03 Sample console log.png


What are the benefits of this feature?

This feature is useful for troubleshooting issues with Serenova Support and/or your internal IT teams. You can save the logs by right clicking on the content and selecting the save option. This way you can easily attach the saved logs to your support case.


When to use this feature?

Use this feature when you encounter odd or unexpected behavior in your Chrome browser applications.

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