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Salesforce Manual Contact POP Settings

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The Salesforce managed package will automatically pop a contact or account object if the customer ANI is recognized within the Salesforce CRM. We do run into problems when the customer ANI does exist, however, the format is different between CxEngage and Salesforce. Salesforce generally accepts the e.164, international & local number formatting and if your CxEngage calls are coming in through a SIP Trunk, the format will be different causing the contact not to pop within Salesforce.


You can create a manual search and pop within the call flow on the resource section and manipulate the customer ANI to match the exact number format your Salesforce use. You can use a global assign within your flow that will utilize an existing system variable (phone-number) to send the customer ANI to Salesforce in multiple formats, please see below steps:



1. Add an assign notation within your resource flow to utilize the phone-number variable:





2. Disable the Auto Screen-pop within the Work Offer Flow:


disable search and pop.jpg



3. Add a Screen POP for Skylight for the agent and select both the Search and Pop & Fuzzy types. You can now utilize the previous Assign notation name to search in different formats (SkylightNumber.national, SkylightNumber.international, SkylightNumber.e164):


search and pop.jpg

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