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Agents Receive a 4002 Error Code in the Skylight toolbar


Agents Receive a 4002 Error message when work is being offered or Script Pop goes Unacknowledged upon Customer Disconnectclipboard_ec75ed3bc842a1669c2079fa215fd9da7.png

Root Cause

Modifying your call flow when a custom resource flow is being used to include a work-offer Accepted signal while catching the customer-disconnect signal will prevent this from occurring. Otherwise this is expected behavior as our server would be expecting an action response from the agents toolbar client.

When a Script Notation is in use in your call flow your agent must submit the script before the Customer disconnects from the call or this error will be thrown.  Selection the Automatically dismiss without warning option within the Script Notation will aide in this issue when a Customer unexpectedly disconnects from the call. 


This error is typically thrown to agents due to the configuration of the call flow that is in use.  While there are preventative steps that may be taken when using a custom resource flow this is typically a non-impacting error and is expected.  If a custom resource flow is not needed utilizing the default Resource Flow notation has been found to improve the agents toolbar experience.

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