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Adding a new Client User

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Adding a new Client User


Step 1: Log into the callcenter as a user with Admin role.

Step 2: Select the User Accounts dropdown menu, click on Edit Users. Click the Add New User button.



Step 3: Fill in the user’s name in the Contact Info tab folder:



Step 4: On the Account Status tab folder, select the appropriate client from the drop down list. Check the appropriate group checkbox. If Engage access is desired, click the Yes radio button for “Enable LiveOps Multichannel.”


Step 5: On the Routing tab, zero out the digits that appear. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the form. 


Step 6: Return to the User Accounts menu, Edit Users option. Select the user you just created by clicking the checkbox next to its name. 


Step 7: Click the Edit Data Access button at the top of the Users table. 


Step 8: Now you will see the box labeled “Edit Data Permission Rules For Selected Users.”