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Add New Agent

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Add New Agent


Below please find the steps to add a new agent :


From the User Account -> Edit Users page, click on 'Add new user' button and fill in the details as below as are filled in the User details page for 'Accupayment'


Change the 'First Name', 'Last Name' and 'Username' in the 'Contact Info' tab.




From the Account Status tab set the


 1)  'Temporary Password:'


 2)  'Retype Temporary Password:'


 3)  'Groups:' to 'Ass_client_group'


 4)  'Trained' to 'No'


 5)  'Rehired' to 'No'


 Then click on 'Save Changes' button. The new user would then be created having the same configurations as 'Accupayment'.



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