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One Way Audio/No Audio

Symptom Overview

  • Agent receives an inbound call, speaks greeting but hear no audio from caller.
  • Agent places an Outbound call, answers his incoming call and waits... hears no audio from consumer-call-leg.
  • Audio loss during conversation.

Possible Cause

  • Possible causes for no audio from caller could be nuisance calls from same Calling Number, agent headset issues, upstream or downstream carrier audio-loss.


  • Listen to the Call recording:
  • Is caller audio present? If yes, it is not getting to agent.   If not, there is likely no caller, check to see if there are any interactions from the caller on the IVR menu.
  • Is agent audio present? If yes it is not getting to caller on the incoming-call-leg. If not we are not receiving audio from Agent. 
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