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How to change Wrap Up Time

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How to Change Wrap Up Time


Step 1. Log into Call Center


Step 2. Go to "Routing" on the top Menu and click on Call Flows


Step 3. Click on the "Edit" link next to the call flow you want to change


Step 4. Click on the "Post Call" tab


Step 5. You can change the wrap up time here.


  • Target wrap up time represents the length of wrap up time, in seconds, you want your Agents to aim for. This value must be greater than zero and less than "Maximum wrap up time."


  • Maximum wrap up time represents the maximum amount of after call wrap up time, in seconds. When an Agent exceeds this time, their wrap up period ends and they are placed back in the pool of available Agents.


Step 6. Click on Save changes


Step 7. Check in the Call Flow

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