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How do I see how many calls vs orders my Program took

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"How do I see how many calls vs. orders my Program(s) took yesterday?"


The simplest answer is: look at the Top Programs Summary area described above. That will show the number of calls, the number of orders, your conversion rate and total revenue for your highest performing Programs (assuming you have more than one).

If your Program is not listed in the Summary area, you can find this information by running a report:


  • Select the Reports | Report Tool menu item
  • Make sure the Report Type drop down list is set to "Calls Received - Group" (this is the default)
  • If you have more than one Program and want to see results for each individual one, check the Group By: Program Name field
  • If you want to see results for only a single Program, type the name of the Program in the Where: Program Name field


  • You must type the Program Name exactly as it appears, or Call Center won't be able to find it. Case does not matter but spelling and spacing do.


  • If you want to see results for a different day or a range of dates, use the When: fields to specify the time period
  • Click the Run Report button
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