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Dropped Calls


This section provides a quick overview of the investigations that can be performed when dropped calls are experienced.

Possible Cause

  • Upstream provider if call dropped from caller side.
  • Pbx, LEC, LiveOps carrier if call drop from agent side 



  • Generate the call segment detail report from the Session ID and confirm the end cause.


  1. If Caller end – Gather a few session examples (4 – 5) and escalate to your published number provider and your local exchange carrier. If only a once off occurrence it might be the callers phone (possibly bad cell signal etc.​


  1. If Agent end – Firstly investigate with your local Telco team to determine if the call was dropped by the Pbx.  Gather a few session examples (4 – 5) and escalate to LiveOps to investigate with the involved carrier.
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