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Scheduling a Report

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Scheduling Reports


The Scheduled Reports feature lets you do these things automatically.


he Schedule tab lets you automatically communicate the results of this report as a recurring task. Your results are sent via email to the addresses you select according to the schedule options described below.


To schedule a report:


  1. Run the report you wish to schedule.


  1. Click the Edit Options... button in the header tool bar.


  • The Edit Options dialog appears.


You must be displaying report results to see the Edit Options... button.


Click the Schedule tab.


Fill in the options as appropriate (consult the table below for details on each field).


  •  Save.


Figure 12-3: Report Options: Schedule Tab


Table 12-1: Report Options: Schedule Tab



Enable scheduling

Turns execution of this scheduled report on or off. You can use this to stop sending report results without deleting the entire report.


Sets the frequency at which you wish to execute this report. Your choices are:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Last day of the month
  • First day of the month

Start time

Sets the time the report will be run. Note that the size and number of reports being run on the platform makes this time an approximation.

This is in your Contact Center's time zone.


Start date

The date on which you want to begin communicating this report.

End date

If set, the date on which you wish to discontinue communicating the report. Leave this blank to run the report indefinitely.

Subject line

This is the subject line recipients will see in their email inbox.


Enter the list of email addresses to receive this report. Separate each address with a comma.

Currently, only "liveops.com" email addresses are supported.


Output type

Select the format for the results. Your choices are:

  • HTML—your answer table will be sent in HTML with limited formatting.
  • CSV—your answer table will be sent as a text attachment, using commas to separate field values.

File name

Enter the name of the file attachment for reports using the CSV output type. This can be different from the saved report title.

Include date and time in file name

Check this option if you wish to have the report run date and time appended to the CSV filename.


Scheduled reports have the word "(scheduled)" appended to their report title on the main Insight page.


Figure 12-4: Scheduled Report Title Example

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