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Saving a Report

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Saving a Report


Tutorial Goals:

Tutorial Video: Saving a Report


When you save a report, all of your modifications to the base report type are preserved. You can load that report from the Your Reports drop down menu, the Contact Center Reports menu, or from the My Reports quick links widget on the home page. In this tutorial, you will learn:


  • How to save a report for later reuse.
  • How to use report categories.
  • How to configure report options.




  1. Run your report (if necessary).

You must be displaying report results before you can save the report configuration.


  1. Click the Save button in the header tool bar. 

This displays the Report Options dialog.


  1. Enter a unique Report Title.

This title will appear in the various report menus. You can accept the default title suggested by Contact Center or you can supply your own title.


  1. Select a Report Category in which to store this report.

Saved reports belong to categories. By default, your reports are saved to your user category. This category is private to you. No other Contact Center users can see your user category reports. You can create additional private categories by clicking the Create New Category link. You may also see shared categories, which are created by your Contact Center administrator. Any reports saved to a shared category can be seen by other Contact Center users who have access to Insight.


  1. Configure the report options as desired:

The Lock Report option prevents the report from being changed or deleted.

The Load, don't run option causes Insight to load your saved query without actually running the report. This is useful if you want to further refine the saved report before running it (by clicking the RUN NOWbutton).

The Keep at top of Saved Reports option causes this report to appear at the top of the Your Reports drop down menu, the First Five Saved Reports menus and the My Reports home page widget.


  • NOTE: setting this option for other reports will push this report lower down those lists.


  •  Save.

Once you have saved a report, the Save a Copy and Delete buttons become active.

Save a Copy creates a copy of the current report under a new report title. To work on that new copy, you must load it from the Saved Reports menu


Delete PERMANENTLY removes the currently displayed saved report.

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