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Save a Copy

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Save A Copy


The Save a Copy feature lets you save a duplicate of the currently displayed saved report. Any changes or refinements you've made to the displayed report are saved to the copy.


To Save A Copy of a Report:



  1. Load a saved report from the Your Reports drop down menu.


  1. Make any changes or refinements.


  1. Click the Save a copy button.


  • The Report Options dialog will appear.


Enter a new Report Title, select a Report Category and complete any other options as described above.


  •  SAVE.


Saving a copy does not display the copy. To load the copy, refresh your browser to the update the Your Reports menu, then select the copied report.


If you want to see your copy right away, click the link in the confirmation banner that appears after you click SAVE. This banner only appears for a few seconds. After that, you can load the report as noted above.



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