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Running a Report

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Running a Report


Tutorial Goals:

Tutorial Video: Running a 
Basic Report


All reports start with a question. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to answer the question:


"What was my customers' call experience overall yesterday?"


The standard report type, Call Interaction - Group, answers that question by providing summary data for all calls received as well as agent performance metrics for answered calls.



  1. Select the Call Interaction - Group report from the Report Type: drop down menu. In a moment, this report's query form will appear on your screen.

Take a moment to examine the query form. In particular, note that by default, the Call Interaction report includes a number of fields related to call duration and agent performance. The default timeframe is set to Yesterday.


  1. Click RUN NOW.

Your query results will appear in the answer table. Because this is a group report and we have specified no additional grouping information, there should only be one record in your answer, containing the aggregated data for the selected fields.

Note that two of the fields in your answer table appear as links: All Calls and Answered Calls. The link indicates that you can drill down to see the records that have been aggregated into these totals.


  1. Click the value in the Answered Calls column of the answer table.

This "drills down" into your data, focused on the Answered Calls records of your report. In effect, this runs the Call Interaction - Detail report, with the selection criteria of answered calls only.

Take a moment to examine the result table:

  • Your new results show each individual answered call, identified by its unique Interaction ID, as well as the agent who handled the call.
  • The Refinements: section in the table header will say: Call Interaction: Answered Calls = 1; Yesterday
  • The Report Type drop down menu will be set to Call Interaction - Detail.
  • The Answered Calls field in the Where: section will contain the value 1.


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