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Printing Your Report

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Printing Your Report


Tutorial Goals:

Tutorial Video: Printing a Report


In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to print a report using the Printer Friendly link



  1. Run your report (if necessary).

You must be displaying report results before you can print them.


  1. Click the Printer Friendly button in the answer table header. 

This link appears as one of the options in the answer table's View: section. (You must be displaying report results to see this link.)

Clicking Printer Friendly will display your report results with all the menus, headers, footers and query form fields removed. To preserve your original Insight page, use your browser's right-click menu to load the link in a new tab or new page.

The Printer Friendly page includes links to adjust the date display and export the results. You can also click an answer column to sort the report before printing.


  1. Use your browser's Print command to send the report to your printer.


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