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Exporting Your Report

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Exporting Your Report


Tutorial Goals:

Tutorial Video: Exporting a Report


In this tutorial, you will learn:


  • How to export a report to Microsoft Excel™.
  • How to export a report to CSV (comma separated values) text file format.
  • How to automatically generate Excel™ files.




  1. Run the report you wish to export.


You must be displaying report results before you can export them.


  1. To export to Excel™: click the Generate Excel link at the bottom of the answer table.


Depending on your browser configuration, you may see a download dialog asking you to select the application with which to open the exported file. Or Excel™ may open automatically.

If you want to use Excel to calculate your totals, check the Don't Display Totals field in the Additional Options: section of the query form.


  1. To export to text: click the Generate CSV link at the bottom of the answer table.


Insight will separate each data element of your report with commas. Any values containing spaces will be delimited with quotes.


  1. You can instruct Insight to automatically generate an Excel file if your report results exceed a specified number of records:


  1. Enter the desired number in the Minimum Rows to Generate Excel field in the query form's Where: section.


  1. Click RUN NOW. If the number of rows returned exceeds the number you entered, you will be prompted for a file name and location in which to save your results in Excel format.
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