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Emailing Your Report

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Emailing Your Report


Tutorial Goals:

Tutorial Video: Emailing Reports


In this tutorial, you will learn:


  • How to email a report using the Send to... button.





  1. Run the report you wish to send.


  1. Click the Send to... button in the header tool bar.


  • The Send To options dialog appears.


You must be displaying report results to see the Send to... button.


3. Fill in the To: and CC: fields with a list of email addresses.

Separate multiple recipients with commas. Example:andy@mycompany.com,kumar@mycompany.com

  1. Edit the Subject: as desired.


  1. Use the Comments: field to add any note or explanation to the body of the message.


  1. Click SEND.


Figure 12-1: Sending a Report


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