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Outbound Campaigns

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Outbound Campaigns


Outbound Campaigns use automated dialers to process batches of calls. In general, there are four types of automated dialers:


  • Progressive
    This dialer automatically dials a new lead whenever an agent becomes available. At LiveOps, this dialer also discerns human vs non-human contacts (filtering out busy lines, no-answers, answering machines, fax lines), also known as Answering Machine Detection. This method of dialing provides improvement in agent productivity by an order of magnitude when compared to the manual dialing. Agents must be constantly "pinned-up" in order to receive contacts from a Progressive Dialer. Progressive Dialing is also known as Power Dialing.


  • Push Preview
    Unlike Progressive/Predictive Dialers, this dialer does not require an agent to be pinned-up. The Preview Dialer first provides information regarding the lead to the agent before initiating a call. The agent reviews the information to formulate a calling strategy and when ready, presses a button to begin the call. This method strikes a balance between agent productivity improvements via automation and the customer experience. The agent productivity increase is significant when compared to manual dialing but is modest when compared to Progressive Dialing.


  • IVR Out
    This dialer requires no agents to be available on the call. Instead, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is used to play an audio message to the caller. At LiveOps, this dialer also utilizes Answering Machine Detection.


LiveOps Outbound supports all three of the automated dialers listed above. The fourth type, known as a Predictive Dialer, typically dials multiple leads simultaneously with the expectation that an agent will be available whenever a call is answered by a live person. It uses historical data to predict when an agent might become available and places multiple outbound calls to ensure that a live person is on the line whenever the agent becomes available. This method of dialing generally provides the highest agent utility rates at the risk of increased customer abandonment rates and lower customer satisfaction. LiveOps Outbound does not support predictive dial at this time.

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