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Outbound Campaign General Tab Options

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Outbound Campaign General Tab Options


Table 25-1 lists the fields available on the Call Flow based Campaign's General tab:


Table 25-1: Outbound Campaign General Tab Fields



Campaign Name

Specify a Campaign name that appears to agents.


Determines the visibility of this Campaign in the Campaign list:

  • Active—this Campaign will show up in the Campaign list page
  • Retired—this Campaign will not appear in the list page unless the "Show Retired Campaigns" checkbox is selected


This is the phone number that will be displayed to the customer as the caller ID. Depending on your Contact Center settings, this field can be mandatory or optional. If this field is optional and the field is left blank, then the agent's ANI will be displayed as the caller ID.


The weight can be used to prioritize the order in which multiple Campaigns are dialed when there is a significant queue of leads.

Default Expiration

The duration, in days, the lead will remain active.

Retry Interval

The number of hours between call retry attempts.

Retry Limit Type

This determines the way the outbound dialer will limit retry attempts. The following options are available:

Single: This setting instructs the dialer to try to connect to the lead up to Maximum Retries, regardless of time of day.


Figure 25-1: Single

AM/PM: Grants administrator more granular control over when to re-dial. The AM/PM Split determines two buckets where re-dials can occur. In the following example, we are defining 3 re-dials to occur before 2:00PM and 2 re-dials to occur after 2:00PM


Figure 25-2: AM/PM Split

Maximum Retries

The maximum number of re-dials per unique ANI before the system automatically expires the lead.

To change the Maximum Retries for the AM/PM setting, first select Single, set the Maximum Retries and save the Campaign. You can then change the Retry Limit Type back to AM/PM Split with the new Maximum Retries value.


Dialer Type

Select from Progressive, Push Preview, or IVR Out.

Learn more about dialer types.


Message to Agent

Enabling this allows you to display an informational message to the agent at the beginning of the call.

Agent Message Text

The message that appears to the agent when the call is connected. Call-related fields may be displayed in this message.


Hello, this is ${rep.firstname}, may I speak with ${namefirst} ${namelast}?

Screen Pop URL Selection

Determines the agent's screen pop behavior:

No Screen Pop: No screen pop will be triggered by the call. This is the default setting.

Use Lead Preview Screen Pop: Presents a screen pop for each call containing standard information about the lead being called. This setting is required when using the Push Preview dialer.

Specify Screen Pop URL: Displays an input field for you to enter an arbitrary URL to pop.

Screen Pop URL

The URL to "pop" when the call is connected. You can pass parameters generated by Contact Center to this URL.

Learn more about screen pop URL parameters in the Outbound User Guide.



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