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What are Offers?


Offers are part of the Cloud Contact Center Platform scripting system. Offers can be used to provide screen "pops" to Agents, supplying scripts for Agents to read to callers, capture caller information and display information from external data sources, such as IVRs and databases. Offers are where Agents can specify disposition codes for the call.


  • Offers are linked to Campaigns and are, in fact, the reason a Program might need multiple Campaigns. If you don't use the Contact Center scripting system, you may not need to create multiple Campaigns to allow for multiple variations of an Offer.


Configuring Offers


Offers must be initially created by Staff. Once created, you can assign and configure Offers using the Edit Campaign page:


  • Select the Routing menu, then click Campaigns
  • Locate the Campaign you want to configure using the search or browse functions on the Campaign list page, then click the Edit Campaign link for that Campaign
  • Click the Offers tab
  • Use the Add New Offer link to add an Offer to this Campaign
  • Click the Add New Offer link for each new Offer you want to associate with this Campaign
  • Click the About this page button on the Edit Campaign page to display help information for the Offer fields.
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