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Maximum number of Rings to an Agent Phone

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Maximum number of Rings to an Agent Phone


This setting controls how long a call is offered to an Agent before rolling over to the next available Agent. Agents who fail to answer a call within the specified will be paused (unable to receive additional calls until they manually unpause).


This setting is sometimes known on other call center platforms as the "Ring No Answer Timeout."

Configuring Maximum Number of Rings


  1.  Select the Routing > Campaigns menu.
  2. Click the Add New Campaign button or locate an existing Standard Campaign and click its Edit link.
  3. If creating a new Campaign, follow the steps described in Adding a New Campaign article.


  1. Click the Campaign's Telephony tab.
  2. Set the Max number rings to agent (or outbound lead) phone option to the desired value.


Changing this option from the default values is NOT recommended. Please consult with your Professional Services representative before modifying this option.

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