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Manage Outbound Leads

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Managing Outbound Leads


A lead is a customer that you want to contact using a dialer. Leads can be uploaded in bulk from csv (comma separated values) text files. Once uploaded, leads remain open until they are resolved. A lead can be resolved if:


  • the lead is connected with an agent and the agent dispositions the call
  • the lead is expired according to the settings in the General Tab
  • the lead is deleted from the Leads Tab


From the Leads Tab, you can add, delete and preview the list of leads that you want to call using this Outbound Campaign.


To bulk upload leads:


  1.  Select the Routing > Campaigns menu.
  2. Click the Add New Campaign button or locate an existing Outbound Campaign and click its Edit link.
  3. If creating a new Campaign, follow the steps described in Adding a New Campaign article.


  1. Select the Leads tab.
  2. Click the Add Bulk Leads button.
  3. Provide a Batch Name. You can filter your list of leads by this name.
  4. Click inside the Upload CSV File field or click the Browse button to select the file that contains your leads.
  5. Click Upload Leads.

After uploading, you can preview the status of your lead batch by returning to the Leads Tab. This preview will be updated periodically as the dialer progresses through its lead list.


  • CSV format requirements and a sample file are available in the Need Help call out.


  • Duplicate leads, based on phone number, will be filtered out of your leads list for this Campaign.


  • The Full Name and State fields may require 1 to 2 minutes before appearing in the lead list.
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