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Incoming Numbers

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Incoming Numbers


Contact Center maps the telephone number dialled by the caller to a specific Campaign or set of Campaigns. Usually, this incoming number is a toll free number (referred to by its technical name as a DNIS).


The Incoming Number tool lets you see how your telephone numbers are configured. To access this tool:


  • Select the Routing menu, then click Incoming #s 


Use the Phone Number Search options to filter the list of numbers displayed (if the options are hidden, click the More Options link). The search options include:


  • Phone Number/Alias—Search for a particular number, group of numbers or partial number (using the drop down operator list)
  • Owner—Search for numbers belonging to a particular Client
  • Source assigned as of—Search for numbers which had their Source Code assigned as of a certain date
  • Campaign—Search for numbers belonging to a particular Campaign or group of Campaigns. Use your mouse's "Ctrl-Click" function (Cmd-Click on a Macintosh) to select multiple Campaigns)


The results of your search can be displayed in several views, using the Choose View drop down.


  • Currently, only staff can add or edit incoming numbers. Cloud Contact Center Platform administrators can use the Incoming #s tool to view their configuration but not edit it.


Incoming Numbers Field Descriptions


Table 7-1: Incoming #s Fields

Field Name



The number dialed by the caller. 

Report As

Display this number on reports instead of the DNIS. 


The Client who owns this number.


The Campaign that will handle calls to this number.

Call Type

This will be UPSELL for live calls from a customer, TRAINLIVE for a test call.

Media Company

Media companies are generally part of a Direct Response (DR) campaign. If your Contact Center is not handling DR calls, this field will likely be "undefined".

Product Code

Media companies or Clients sometimes supply specific Product Codes to distinguish different versions of an ad (in the case of a DR campaign).

Source Code

Represents the "source" of a call; typically, this will be the television station or cable channel or some other media that carried the ad that generated the caller's interest. Both Product Code and Source Code may be blank for non-DR Call Centers.

Busy Date

The date/time after which callers will hear a busy signal on this number.

Unbusy Date

The date/time after which this number will be active. Callers will hear ringing and be connected to the assigned Campaign.


Search Tips

  • Add or remove fields from the current view by clicking the plus sign icon ( ) in the record number column
  • Change the record sort order by clicking the sort icon ( ) in the column you want to sort by
  • Filter the records by clicking the filter icon ( ) in the column you want to filter by
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