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DTMF Control

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DTMF Control


DTMF control enables Agents to use their telephone keypad to perform hold and transfer actions. This option is mostly used by Agents who do not use one of the agent desktops, which provide this functionality in their user interface.


To Enable DTMF Hold/Transfer:


  1.  Select the Routing > Campaigns menu.
  2. Click the Add New Campaign button or locate an existing Standard Campaign and click its Edit link.
  3. If creating a new Campaign, follow the steps described in Adding a New Campaign article.
  1. Click the Campaign's Telephony tab.
  2. Set the Allow agent to hold/warm transfer via DTMF radio button to Yes.


Table 18-1 lists the valid DTMF keys and their function:


Table 18-1: DTMF Hold/Transfer Keys




Transfer to Campaigns 1 through 8 (where the numbers one through eight correspond to the Campaign's order in the "Transfer to Campaign" list)


Hang-up (disconnect) from the call


Place call on hold


Retrieve call from hold


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