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Campaign Priority

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Campaign Priority


The Campaign Priority feature is optional and is turned off by default. Please talk to your Professional Services representative if you wish to enable this feature for your Contact Center.

The Campaign Priority option determines how queued calls will be sent to Agents. This option lets you set an absolute priority for a Campaign in relation to other Campaigns in the same Contact Center . Calls for a Campaign with a higher Campaign Priority value will be answered before calls to a Campaign with a lower priority value. By default, Campaigns have a priority value of 1. You can set this to a value of from 1 (lowest) to 10,000 (highest). Campaign Priority overrides other call routing factors, such as Queue Time Multiplier.


Consider the following example, using four Campaigns and various Call Priority field values:


Table 14-1: Example Call Priorities



Executive Help Line


Schedule Conference Center Resources


Standard Help Line


Password Reset



In this example, calls will be routed as follows:


  1. The Password Reset Campaign has the highest priority of all (70). Its calls will be sent to an Agent before any other Campaign's calls, regardless of how long the other calls have been in the queue.
  2. If there are calls in queue for both the Standard Help Line Campaign and Executive Help Line Campaign, they will be answered based on whichever has been in queue the longest (including Queue Time Multiplier effects).
  3. Calls for the Schedule Conference Center Resources Campaign will only be answered when there are no calls from any other Campaign in the in the queue.


If each of the four Campaigns above received calls at exactly the same time, they would be answered in the following order:


  1. Password Resets
  2. Executive Help Line or Help Line (depending on queue time)
  3. Schedule Conference Center Resources


If another call to the Password Reset Campaign arrives after the calls in the previous example but while the first call was still active, this second call would be sent to an Agent ahead of any other calls currently in the queue.


Campaign Priority and Queue Time Multiplier


The Campaign Queue Time Multiplier field causes any calls for that Campaign to appear as if they have been in the queue longer than they actually have. Generally, this means calls from a Campaign with a higher queue time multiplier will be answered sooner than calls with a lower multiplier value. However, as stated above, the Campaign Priority field takes precedence over Queue Multiplier settings.

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