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Assign Outbound Agent Pools

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Assign Outbound Agent Pools


Agents who share similar Routing Attributes belong to the same Pool. You can create general Pools that admit all of your Agents, as well as more selective Pools, where only your best Agents, or those with a particular skill will be admitted, depending on how you set up your Attributes.


  • The Pools tab in the Campaign Edit page allows you to assign previously created Pools. To create a new Pool, use the Routing > Pools menu.


Editing Agent Pools


  1. Select the Routing > Campaigns menu.
  2. Click the Add New Campaign button or locate an existing Campaign and click its Edit link.
  3. Click the Pools tab.
  4. Click the Add Pool link.
  5. Use the Pool drop down menu to select the Pool you wish to assign.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add additional Pools.
  7. (Optional) Adjust each Pool's weight (described below).
  8. Click Save.


Pool Fields


Table 28-1 describes the Pool configuration options.


Table 28-1: Pool Tab Options




The Pool name. You can choose from all the Pools defined in your Contact Center. You can assign multiple Pools to a Campaign.


If you assign more than one Pool to a Campaign, Contact Center distributes calls to those Pools randomly, unless you change the Pool weighting. Weighting sets the probability that a Pool will be used, balanced against the weights of the other Pools in your Campaign. By default, each Pool you assign to a Campaign has an equal chance of being selected to handle an incoming call. If you want Agents in a particular Pool to get special consideration, adjust that Pool's weight accordingly. For example, if you have two Pools assigned to a particular Campaign (Pool A and Pool B), and you want the Agents in Pool B to be twice as likely as those in Pool A to get the call, then assign a weight of 2 to Pool B. Setting a weight to zero will cause this Pool to be used only if no available Agents were in the non-zero weight Pools.

Agents (Online)

The number of Agents currently online who belong to this Pool.

Agents (Total)

The total number of Agents who belong to this Pool.


Working With Agent Pools


Table 28-2: IVR Controls

If you want to...

...then do this

Change the Pool order

Use the up and down arrow widget to change the display order of this Campaign's Pools.

The order in which Pools are listed has no effect on call routing.


Edit the Pool

Click the Edit button to edit a Pool directly.

Delete a Pool

Use the X widget to delete a Pool from this Campaign.

Deleting a Pool from a Campaign does not delete the Pool itself.


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