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Agent Dial Out

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Agent Dial Out

Dial Out is a telephony feature that allows Agents to transfer a call to any arbitrary telephone number. This feature is not available to all Contact Centers, and only Agents with the proper Attribute set can use it. When you configure Dial Out, you specify a Campaign to act as the Dial Out Campaign. This is the Campaign that controls the outbound call. That Campaign provides the telephony features for the transferred call, such as hold and additional transfer options. You can also use that Campaign to report on Agent Dial Out calls.


  • Dial Out is not the same as Outbound: the former enables an Agent to specify a single target phone number, whereas the latter typically makes calls automatically to batches of phone numbers, directing each inbound leg to an Agent. Further, Dial Out is also not the same as Direct Outbound. Direct Outbound uses a web page interface, accessible under the Contact Center Home page, to allow enabled Agents to make outgoing calls without using the Phone Panel.


Configuring Dial Out


  1.  Select the Routing > Campaigns menu.
  2. Click the Add New Campaign button or locate an existing Standard Campaign and click its Edit link.
  3. If creating a new Campaign, follow the steps described in Adding a New Campaign article
  1. Click the Campaign's Telephony tab.
  2. Set the Dial-out to arbitrary number using Campaign drop down menu to the Campaign that will control the dial out call.


Your Account Manager must enable the Dial Out feature for your Contact Center before you can grant this feature to your Agents.


The Dial Out feature is enabled for Agents using the "CHAT Dialout" Administrative user attribute. You may have to create the CHAT Dialout attribute if it doesn't exist yet. If so, you MUST name it exactly as shown (including capitalization).


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