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My Schedule Overview

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What is My Schedule?



My Schedule is the application that controls and communicates an Agent's work schedule. The Cloud Contact Center Platform scheduling system is optimized to meet the unique challenges of scheduling a distributed workforce. My Schedule is particularly good for scheduling "bursty" call traffic, with large variations in volume.


The My Schedule application supports two basic scheduling modes:


  1. Agent Self Scheduling Mode (a.k.a. "Pull" scheduling)
  2. Schedule Upload Mode (a.k.a. "Push" scheduling)


When Contact Center is configured for Agent Self Scheduling, Agents "pull" the schedule they want by using My Schedule to commit to the time slots (called "blocks") they want to work. In contrast, in Schedule Upload mode, Agent schedules are determined by a supervisor or centralized scheduling authority. Agents are assigned their work times by uploading ("pushing") the schedule to Contact Center.


  • Use of the Contact Center scheduling system is optional: you are free to use your scheduling system in conjunction with the rest of the Cloud Contact Center Platform. If you do use the My Schedule application, however, the scheduling mode must be set when initially configuring your Contact Center. It cannot be changed once set.


Key Concepts

Budget Group 
A set of Line Groups that share a common budget of commits. Budget Groups are part of the Agent self-schedule mode.


Commit Budget
Self-schedule mode Agents are granted a certain number of "commits" in each Budget Group — opportunities to claim schedule blocks. The higher an Agent's Commit Performance, the more commits they are granted for their budget.


Commit Performance
Agents can be measured, in part, by how well they honor their schedule commitments.


Schedule forecasts determine the blocks and line groups that will be needed to meet call demands. Forecasts can be created dynamically, using Contact Center's media forecasting tools, or they can be created statically and then uploaded to Contact Center.


Line Group
Line groups represent a set of related incoming calls. They appear to Agents as a row in a My Schedule day view. Calls for more than one Program may come in on any given line group, or a line group may be dedicated to just a single Program.


Accessing My Schedule

The Agent view of My Schedule is accessible via the following links:


  • On the Contact Center Home page, in the Links: section
  • In the Home menu


Configuring My Schedule

Schedule Upload Mode

For Contact Centers configured for Schedule Upload Mode, there are two parts to scheduling Agents: setting up Line Groups and uploading your schedules. A line group


To Set Up a Line Group:

  • Click the Workforce menu item to go to the Workforce landing page
  • Click the Line Groups link in the Scheduling Tools section (at the bottom of the page)
  • Use the Add New Line Group button to create a new Line Group, or use the Search functions to locate an existing Line Group to edit


To Upload a Schedule:

  • Click the Workforce menu item to go to the Workforce landing page
  • Click the Upload Schedule link in the Scheduling Tools section (at the bottom of the page)
  • The Schedule Upload page contains instructions on the types of upload and file format supported


Agent Self-Schedule Mode

Configuring self-schedule mode involves balancing a number of pieces. It is recommended you work with your Account Manager when setting up your schedule for the first time.

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