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General Configuration

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General Configuration


The Cloud Contact Center Platform is highly configurable. Some configuration options must be made by Staff when your Contact Center is initially created. You as Administrator can configure other options as needed. This chapter describes the configuration options on the Edit Contact Center page's General tab.


To set general options for your Contact Center:


·         Click the Configure menu, then select Edit Call Center.


Call Center > General Tab Fields


  • There are MANY configuration options for Contact Centers. This chapter describes the most commonly used options. If you have questions about fields not described here, contact your Account Manager.


Field Name

Data Type


Callcenter Name


This is primarily used by staff, who need to administer multiple Contact Center instances.

Agent Per-minute Fee


The default per-minute rate, in pennies, that agents are paid for time on calls. 

Agent Pay Account Name


The name of the bank account used to pay Agents.

Agent Paid By


The name of the payer that appears on Agent checks.

Minimum Invoice Amount


Minimum value of invoices (in pennies) required for a check to be issued. If the agent has been terminated, we ignore this value and cut them a check regardless of amount.

Invoice Adjustment Email


Specify a comma separated list of email addresses to notify when an invoice is adjusted via the web tools.

Invoice Adjustment Email (CC)


Specify a comma separated list of email addresses to copy (CC:) when an invoice is adjusted via the web tools. 

Agent Invoice Billing Address


The 'Bill To' address to be shown on Agent invoices. To separate lines, use HTML <br /> tags.

Invoice Terms


The terms of payment to display on the "new invoice" page. To separate lines, use HTML <br /> tags.

Default Queue IVR


The ID of the IVR to use as the default Queue IVR. 

Expiration Interval for blocked ani


Contact Center Administrators can add ANIs to a list of blocked numbers (e.g. if a prank caller abuses the system). This field sets the number of days an ANI will remain blocked after being added to the list.

Time Zone


Set the default time zone for your Contact Center. While dates and times are stored internally in EST5DT ("Eastern" Time), visible date/time strings will be expressed according to your local time zone. Individual users can set their own time zone through the My Accounts or Edit Users pages.

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