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Customer Notification Address/Distro Management

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When you receive a request or information regarding an email address a customer wants to use for LiveOps notifications, by following the below steps we can move forward with confidence that the customer will be getting the appropriate notifications in an appropriate time.


  •          Customers must give us a internally managed distribution address, no individual email addresses.  This allows the customer to manage who receives the notifications and leads to less administrative headache for LiveOps.
  •          Customer can give up to three different addresses for the three types of notifications: incident/maintenance/product release
  •          Send the requested address to notification@liveops.com. This will go to the appropriate people to enter the data.
  •          Please include any special services/products/info the customer uses, there are specific distros for these things:
    •    Engage
    •    Twilio
    •    DVP
    •    Geographical location other than US
  •          If no additional info is supplied than the address will be added to the maintenance window and general incident notification distro’s only.
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