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The CxEngage Product Management team has developed a series of video tutorials to help team members to become familiar with aspects of the product. 

Flow Designer

This series focuses on creating one complete flow in four stages to explain the different pieces of Flow Designer.


Click on the title to play a video. 

NOTE: You must sign into Microsoft Office 365 via OKTA to access these training sessions.


  1. Flow Designer Basics 
    • This video demonstrates how basic flow elements can be used to create a simple call flow. 
  2. Activities, Events, and Exclusive Gateways
    • In this session, we build a Customer flow using multiple activities and events. The video also explains the purpose of an exclusive gateway and how to use it within the flow designer. 
  3. Timer Events and Parallel Gateways
    • This video expands on the flow created in the previous session to highlight the use of events and parallel gateways. 
  4. Resource Flows and Subflows
    • In this installment of the CxEngage Flow Designer series, we continue building on the customer flow by adding sub-processes, throw and catch signal events, and explain the event gateway. 
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